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More and more people are looking for natural solutions for optimal skin care. Solutions that have substantial aesthetic impact without including harmful ingredients. With that in mind, we have developed SkinPlex Naturals - - a nature-based skin care system designed to bring out the natal essence in each person's skin. 

Our products are organically sourced and carefully blended with the least amount of fillers. None of our product lines contain any perfumes, dyes or harmful chemicals; instead we use mineral ingredients, plant extracts and herbs in their rarest forms. You can count on our products being all natural, all the time.


Dee Alice Moton


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DeeAlice Moton has been working as an Alternative Healthcare Professional since 2008. She received her foundational massage training at the Augusta School of Massage and was certified in neuromuscular massage thru a continuing education program at the Augusta School Of Massage.

DeeAlice also received a certification in Qi Gong and is a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. Ms. Moton also has specialized training from Jade Shutes, director if the East-West School of Herbal and Aromatic Studies and is now a level 3 Aromatherapist. She furthered her studies in Esthetics at the South Eastern Esthetics Institute in Columbia SC and is a practicing and licensed Esthetician.

With a commitment to life-long learning moving towards mastery, she continues to attend seminars and conferences and has more than 10 years of experience in the field with more than 1200 hours of clinical training.

Moton is a member of The  Aromatherapy Alliance and The National Association of Holistic Healing Aromatherapy.